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100 free tanssexual chat

There has been some very interesting discussion over at Webmaster World regarding the top 100 dos and don'ts in e-commerce.

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Answer your mail within 10 to 30 minutes, they will always reply like Thanks for Your Quick Answer and will always remember and talk about your great service.

Preferably on the basket or an easy-to-find 'shipping charges' page. Of course, you can pre-select United States, but it's kinda annoying for people in the United Kingdom who expect to find their country as the next item in the list!

If you're happy taking money from non-US purchasers, you MUST go to a tiny bit of effort to accept their address and telephone numbers painlessly! Many people have had bad experiences with Pay Pal and prefer to use alternative, simpler payment methods.

List the payment methods you accept somewhere noticeable.

If you have a high rate of shopping cart abandonment, perhaps it is because the customer had to add something to their cart and go partway through the checkout process to find out what payment methods you accept.

Then abandoned your site when they discovered it was not a payment method they wanted to use. This means leave off all the serp-y text on the initial products pages. Anything you can do to bring a sense of personality and assurance to your website will help. Make sure it can find products by SKU, Model Number, and even misspellings if possible.

implement a working search mechanism so the user can get to what they seek in two clicks, three maximum. When the customer is looking at their card and alternately typing on their keyboard, they don't like to look up and realize that they have only entered the first four numbers in field one.Insure there are redundant methods of getting around and no point on your site is more than two clicks away . Customers don't have time to read explanations about how you would like them to format the date. If the customer has entered some incorrect information, please let them know this without them having to type in all their details again.If your web site looks professional, people will trust it and buy stuff.They may only be 5% of your customer base, but Mac users also have spending power.Often proportionately more than your Windows customers.Therefore, it may be worth having your site tested with this in mind. Having an accessible web site and checkout process is good for business. Now they need to be planned for first timers, repeat buyers and special offers for top customers.