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Mr Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was briefed on the mission by the men who shot bin Laden dead.

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He said: "They're America's quiet professionals, because success demands secrecy, but I will say this. The visit came the day after Mr Obama attended a sombre wreath-laying ceremony at New York's Ground Zero site to commemorate the 9/11 attacks.Like all of you, they could have chosen a life of ease, but like you, they volunteered. He told the troops: "I met with the first responders – the firefighters, the police officers, the Port Authority officers – who lost so many of their own when they rushed into those burning towers.They chose to serve in a time of war, knowing they could be sent into harm's way. Students, who are mostly women in their thirties, first learn how to examine a man's profile photos for clues - if one was taken at a bar that has long since closed, it is clearly old, while a close-up might mask the fact that he is shorter than he claims.Miss Coder also recommends online services that will help the degree of fibbing a man may have employed.Gender Genie, for example, claims to reveal whether a piece of text has been written by a man or a woman - useful for establishing whether a man has had help with his profile.

The use of a 'control post' of your own can also catch out potential rogues.By posting two profiles on a site such as Craigslist - one normal, the other, the control, fake - a woman can see in an instant if a guy is lying when he spins two different stories to two seemingly different girls.Phoning the switchboard of the company he claims to work for will establish whether this is, in fact, true, and a quick call to the alumni office of his alma mater will tell you if her really did study there.'I am not steering anyone away from a night on the town, true love, or a free meal.I am just telling women (and men) to know what you’re getting into.If you knowingly choose to date an alcoholic gambler who will empty your bank account – it’s fine; as long as you know.'If this could happen to me, and I’d been researching this stuff inside out for six years, it can happen to anybody.