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Law and Lene Østermark-Johansen (eds), Victorian and Edwardian Responses to the Italian Renaissance in Journal of the History of Collections, 18 (2006), 294-295---Crowe, Sir Joseph Archer; and Weale, William Henry James, New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004) [2 entries] ---Newnham College, Cambridge: International Conference, Looted Art and Restitution in the Twentieth Century: Europe in Transnational and Global Perspective, 'The Ghent Altarpiece in the context of war, nationalism and nationhood, 1945 to the present', September 2014---National Gallery, London, Session Chair, 'Primitive Renaissances' Conference: Northern European and Germanic Art at the fin-de-siècle to the 1930s, April 2014 ---Huizinga Instituut, Dutch Research Institute and Graduate School for Cultural History, Winterschool (Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences), 'Literary Canons and Public Space Since 1800', January 2010 ---Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium: plenary talk for nineteenth century studies group, December 2009---National Gallery, London, Study Day, Re-Reading the Renaissance: Vasari and his Legacy, ‘Rewriting the Renaissance: Vasari and his followers’, October 2009---50th Anniversary Conference, Britain and the Low Countries, University of Sheffield: ‘Picturing Patriotism: The Image of the Artist-Hero in the Nineteenth Century’, in session ‘The Visual Arts and the Historical Imagination’, September 2009---National Gallery, London, Lunchtime Public Lecture, Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian: ‘Renaissance Faces: Reuniting Van Eyck and his Wife’, April 2009---CAA 97th Annual Conference, Los Angeles: ‘Sign of the Times: Nationalism and the Politics of the Van Eycks’ Ghent Altarpiece’, in ‘The Object of Netherlandish Art', February 2009---National Gallery, London, Study Day, Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian: ‘Angels and Insects: Artifice and Invention in Renaissance Portraits’, November 2008---National Gallery, London, Study Day, Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian: ‘Interpretations of an Iconic Image: The Arnolfini Double Portrait’, November 2008---Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium: ‘New Romantics: The Image of the Artist-Hero in the Nineteenth Century’, October 2008---AAH 34th Annual Conference, Location: the Museum, the Academy and the Studio, Tate, London: Invited Respondent to session ‘Locating the Renaissance’, April 2008---National Gallery, London: Public Evening Lecture and Book Launch, ‘Inventing Van Eyck: The Remaking of an Artist for the Modern Age’, December 2007---King's College, London, Session Chair, Rethinking Late Style: Art, Literature, Music, Film, November 2007---AAH 31st Annual Conference, Conception: Reception, University of Bristol, ‘True or False?Aesthetics of the Real and Ideal in Van Eyck’s Nineteenth-Century Reception’, April 2005---Henry Moore Institute, Leeds: Public Evening Lecture on Donatello’s reception to coincide with the exhibition, ‘The Place of Relief in the Time of Donatello’, March 2005---Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Conference paper (and convenor), ‘Vasarian Mania in the Nineteenth Century’, Reinventing the Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century, September 2004---AAH 30th Annual Conference, Old or New?

After the welcoming remarks, Professor Edward Larson delivered opening remarks about the concept and format of the event.“Supreme Mistakes: Exploring the Most Maligned Decisions in Supreme Court History” was a Pepperdine Law Review Symposium.A man has succeeded in forcing the state to remove his name from its sex offender database after years of litigation, prompting advocates for more-forgiving sex offender laws to lobby for hundreds of others with similar circumstances to get off the registry, too.The state had kept Robert Merle Haines Jr.'s name on the list for months, in defiance of a March ruling from the state's highest court that said that it should be removed.Haines pleaded guilty in 2006 to one count of child sex abuse committed in 1984, when he was a junior high school teacher in Washington County.ARHI 123/124 Fieldwork in the Museum ARHI 125 Introduction to Art History ARHI 112 Art and its Audiences ARHI 122 Lives and Afterlives of Renaissance Artists ARHI 217 Art and Gender ARHI 218/314 Victorian Values ARHI 230/330 European Art 1750-1800 (Sex, Gender and the Family in the Eighteenth Century)ARHI 211/212/309/310 Power, Patronage and Ideology: The Italian Renaissance HIST 259 Research Methods in Visual, Material and Oral History ARHI 236 International Field Trip Module ARHI 306/315 Dissertation MALT 504 Travesty and Tradition: Collecting and Connoisseurship in the Eighteenth Century (MA module)MALT 510 Fictions of Femininity (MA module)MARE 511 Research Methods in Art History (MRes module) University of Reading, External Examiner for BA (Hons) History of Art and Architecture (2010-2012) My main interest is in the reception of the Renaissance and Renaissance artists, 1750 to the present.For me, the reception approach appeals not only because it allows us to identify the historical forces which brought certain artists to light at particular moments long after their lifetimes – often those stellar figures whose status we now take for granted, Van Eyck, Botticelli, Donatello, say – but for what it reveals about the making of art history as a discipline, past and present.

Looked at humorously, the peculiarly argumentative nature of art historians across the ages as they have grappled with the meaning of famous works and wrangled the canon into being has kept the subject dynamic.

More fundamentally, it is exciting to be working at a time when the practice of art history in all arenas is geared towards highlighting that it is never disinterested.

This is particularly the case regarding the old masters, ever made to stand in the modern age for political or cultural agendas outside their own.

Thus I enjoy teaching methods courses in the history of art history and the cultures of the museum, as well as period-based modules on the nineteenth century; the Italian Renaissance and its reception; eighteenth-century France; or art and gender, for example.

Following the publication of a monograph in 2007, (Oxford and New York: Berg), my current projects include three journal articles and a full-length book, supported by a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship in 2011, about the artistic and critical fortunes of Vasari's Lives, Kress International Travel Fellowship to CAA Los Angeles 97th Annual Conference, Los Angeles Awarded January 2009[as part of Reynolds exhibition team]Publications Grant (Publisher) Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Awarded November 2008 for exhibition catalogue, (Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, 21 November 2009-21 February 2010)[single author]Publications Grant (Publisher) Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Awarded November 2007 for book project, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship (24 months)Awarded to start Autumn 2003 but superseded by permanent post at Plymouth Full-time Ph D studentship, University of Reading Research Board Awarded for three years from September 1998 Books---Afterlives: Giorgio Vasari and the Rise of Art History in the Nineteenth Century [in preparation]---Inventing Van Eyck: The Remaking of an Artist for the Modern Age (Oxford and New York: Berg, 2007)Articles and book chapters--- ‘Amorous Passions: Vasari's Legend of Fra Filippo Lippi and the Nineteenth Century', (Leiden: Brill, 2013), 171-197.

Series title: National Cultivation of Culture---‘Artistic Inspirations’, in Prettejohn (ed), The Cambridge Companion to the Pre-Raphaelites (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012), 32-46---‘Posthumous Fortunes’, in Sir Joshua Reynolds: The Acquisition of Genius (Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, exhibition catalogue, 2009), 161-167---‘The Artist as a Posthumous Work In Progress: Van Eyck and the Politics of Posterity’, The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands, 17 (2009), 247-254---‘The ‘manière Gottique’: Jean-Baptiste Descamps and the Revival of Early Netherlandish Art in Eighteenth-Century France’, in ed. Damian-Grint, Medievalism and manière gothique in Enlightenment France, Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century (Oxford Voltaire Foundation, 2006), 300-334---‘A Note on the Early Reputation of Roger Fry’, Burlington Magazine, 143 (August 2001), 493-499Review and reference articles---Review article, ‘Myths and Genealogies of Artistic Biography’, Oxford Art Journal (Vol.33, no.1, 2010), 112-115---Review of John E.

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