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What it says to me more clearly than anything though, is that Hipchat's core customer isn't small teams any longer. By comparison, employers having access to data that flows over employer-owned infrastructure is barely worth mentioning, has been the status quo for decades, and I'm absolutely stunned that anyone is shocked by this.

As this is my company, I can chose to run it in a way that doesn't make me feel like an asshole.You're being disingenuous; it's the status quo because having the ability to monitor user communications is the default and inherent legal and technical nature of conveying communications over company owned infrastructure.If you don't want to "be an asshole", set a clear company policy and move on.Having been in the position of needing to access historical e-mail records while investigating CFO malfeasance and fraud, I'd say its downright irresponsible to not have the ability and policy necessary to monitor and review communications in extenuating circumstances.I sent the following email to Hip Chat: As an employer, and account holder, I am not a fan of this feature.My team must feel free to use our internal communication tools to have private, perhaps critical, conversations between each other without worrying about me, or other members of management, from reviewing them.

If the tools cannot be trusted, employee will not use them.

If they don’t use, they’ll revert to other methods of communication, which will consume their attention.

This should be an option, and one whose affect is in plain view of users.

Lacking such an option, or clear disclosure, I will be canceling our account, as well as reviewing my companies use of other Atlasssian tools. I can't imagine continuing to use hipchat with this change in place.

Please reconsider this feature, or at least, reconsider its implementation. This was pretty stunning at first, but after thinking about it my guess is simply organizations that use Jira are the kind of organizations that want/need to keep tabs on all employee communications.

Which hey, I get that for some companies they need that for one reason or another. We run local e-mail and IM servers; the only thing that protects user communications on company owned infrastructure is our company policy. What I find far more alarming -- and quite hypocritical from Saa S users seemingly suddenly concerned with privacy -- is that when I communicate with companies and individuals that use Saa S providers like Google Apps, the party with which I'm communicating implicitly shares my private correspondence with a Saa S company that engages in massive cross-internet data collection.

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