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Fine Gael has lauched a five-year economic plan for Ireland incorporating low taxes and limits to Government spending.Speaking at the launch of Just Economics – Fine Gael’s economic framework for Ireland 2002 – 2006, party leader Mr Michael Noonan said: "A Fine Gael led Government’s ambition for Ireland over the next five years is for a society that embraces both a US standard of income and EU levels of social and environmental protection." Rejecting suggestions that the State must chose between "Boston and Berlin" models of taxation and public services, Mr Noonan said that the ultimate goal for Fine Gael would be to encompass both prosperity and the quality of life.

"Nonetheless economics is only a means to an end and we should never lose sight of the fact that the end for which we are working is a just society.

"A just society embraces more than financial matters – no society can be called ‘just’ which in law and practice does not fully provide for peace, public safety, the rule of law, social as well as economic equality of opportunity, a wholesome environment and a free and fair media.

"Ireland has shot up the ladder of economic success in the OECD.

There is no reason why we should not aim even higher – and this economic framework is designed to achieve just that.

There is no reason why we should not aim for a number one place," said Deputy Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell also set out the party’s "Central Policies" for future Government.

These included: Speaking on the first of these points, Mr Mitchell said: "We are opting for a continuation of the low tax model".

He also said that Ireland has a lower tax take than in the US or the EU and that that would continue to be the case under a Fine Gael-led Government.

Mr Noonan said that if elected, Fine Gael would appoint a cabinet enforcer with a full Ministerial brief, to ensure that Government promises are kept.

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