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at this point all Grampy can really do is gum you..still has some teeth but not all!! Mom is dying laughing cause he ain't showed me who is BOSS!!!

After I got Cheto and realized how traumatized he was I knew that I would need alot of help. Cheto would not be the pug he is today if not for the help, reassurances, and guidence he has received from Grampy and of course Princess Vala V .... Grampy supports pug rescue accross the USA and also rings the bell for the Salvation Army every year!!! : ) *~*~*Nashville Pups*~*~*, ★★★Hollywood Pups, *** WE LOVE OUR TROOPS***, Florida Pugs, For The Love Of Pug! I of course don't give away that I am excited to get my cheese... Dad thinks I am spoiled he is sooooooooooooo jealous!!! So one day Dad decided to show me who was BOSS .... (FLOP), Pugapalooza, Spoiled Pugs & Pups (SPP), Compassionate Pug Rescue of South Florida, Dogster Marketplace, Pawsome Pages, Pug Pals, Pugs Meetup Group of Clearwater, Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies, Rescued Pugs, The Royal Canin® Pug Group, The United Pug Foundation (U. F.), Trading Dog Goodies., ~Always in Our Hearts~ It is with great sorrow that I finally write about Grampy going to the bridge were he is a pup again and feels no pain and can play with old and new pals. I only eat Wellness Senior with a little 95% about a tablespoon (microwaved) and mixed well in my kibbles. If I drag it out some mom will go in my favorite place THE FRIG .... he he When she opens the door I cock my head you know looks real cute.... I sniff the outside of the bowl, then I sniff around the floor.... We were very lucky to have had Grampy in our live's for as long as we did. It is all nice n warm, I watch to the Bratz eat their kibble with no can BOL BOL only a Grampy gets can!!! After they get done they like to come over n look at mine.... I loves Cheese , but only Velveeta none of that cheap stuff for Grampy I tell you!!! she pulls out my velveeta today and puts it on my food.... Harley is a rescue pug, I was his foster mom, I was unable to find the perfect home for him and loved him...we adopted him... He loves to ride in the SUV, he is a total love sponge the more you give him the more he wants. One of his other loves is FOOD..acts like a 2 year old ..joke that if he gets sick we will pull out the boarshead rost beef, and that will make him well!! Moral of this Grampy tail is that if your human is a little slow, be patient they too can be trained. However I have lived to be 16 yrs old and in my day we did things a little different.... Well you see I do not appreciate when the peasants (Mom, Dad, Princess Vala V & Cheto) wake me up!!! Well if you are going to wake me up it better be good I mean filet mingon good not hamburger good ... Grampy as I love to call him is very happy, carefree pug. So next thing I know mom is making me and the brats out to potty!!!

Grampy is very special and makes me smile everyday. I make stuff for him but I also buy stuff for him as well!! For his age he is very healthy I am so grateful for that. Dad say's is that good enough for you, your royal highness .... he is a little slow, maybe he was dropped at birth?? Remember positive reinforcement works best on them.

He is a little weak in his back legs, and has a little dry eye ..gets eye ointment for that. Luvs Harley the Grampy Pug Hooman Trainer Extraordinare Hello Friends it is I, Harley the Grampy Pug.

He also loves to go camping in the RV .tent for him BOL ...

When we go for walks he leads the way til he gets tired then he rides in his stroller under protest. He still goes up n down the stairs to our bed on his own .just stand close in case. I am smart I hear the fridge door but don't move.....

He gets so mad if anyone tries to do stuff for him. BOL One of the things he dislikes is of course getting his nails done.

This weekend hubby picked him up off the bed as I do .. We laugh so hard we have tears running down our faces cause Grampy is wild like a FL gator (he even does a death roll if you lose your grip) and tries to bite my husband while he is getting his nails clipped!!! I always laugh at hubby and tell him Grampy's dentures are going to be on his hand..

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