35 year old woman dating 25 year old man

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35 year old woman dating 25 year old man - Chat erotica fry xxxxxx

I wouldn't think much of a couple aging 36 and 46, but a 21-year old (especially a guy... Regardless of even his opinion, I would not take his youth and time to grow away from him... I thought guys in their 20's were "immature" according to women ( I guess it''s different when SEX is involved) Most of those situations don't last cause when that 21year old sees a nice 18-22 year old walks by (especially if he's in college) it's curtains for the that older woman!

As an almost very young looking and acting 61 year old woman, I get a lot of much younger men's attention but the issue here is that we cannot escape the fact that we are older and that the younger man will still be a man who will go looking for greener pastures, sooner or later.....unless you want to babysit or sit in the corner in a rocking chair while he is painting the town red..for it!!! I prefer women along my age range for now and a female in her's 40's (hell to the NIIII--ZZZZZ oooooo! I met one..your typical young guy...he's actually a lot wiser then a lot of older guys I know and sometimes more logical then me...domesticated and independent..most of the cooking, cleans the dishes, likes kids..looks at them in awe more then me.. But, I mean, whatever makes my parents happy, I'm happy, as long as their S-O aren't younger than me...know me!

Janina You can always try to go slow and see where it leads. You can always still have kids with him or he can have a family with you and yours. So, in terms of being in different stages in life..again...he's the exception and probably more ready then most younger guys and even some older guys.. I hope things work out for you :)My dad's 41, he dated a 20 year old for about a year ( who I went to school with).... Then again, if I were to bring a 40 year old man to my father's for supper...father and uncle would be in jail, they would NOT approved.

I've known older guys who were really immature and players and younger guys who were one woman men , open, loving and giving. So how does it make it ok for him to go with a 20 year old? I was married for 21 yrs to a guy 16 yrs my junior - when he left I wondered if his favorite meal was financial security because he returned to bosom of family who are on their last but with massive nest egg that he wouldnt get if he stayed with me - they never approved!

I know a lot of ppl want to say age is just a number but I have to disagree here.

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He's an adult - let him make his decisions (discuss at length the pros/cons if you feel it must be discussed) - but if he wants you, and you want him - why deny each other! Was never going to last forever, but I would not want to have missed that part of my life for all the amatuer fumblings with girls my own age back then! the pics on my profile i was 28,the woman that took the pic was my 48 yr old g/f....let me tell you...dating older is alot easier than younger.....usually an older woman or man has stability..you dont have to deal with alot of experience was great dated for 2 yrs....still friends to this day just came back from keys snorkeling with her,shes 52 im 32...when its us i dont think about the age.....i think about how she makes me we have tossed it around and as tragic as it is she is 20yrs older so its not a reality,so we just enjoy each others company as much as we can as long as we can I've dated guys that age.

Life is too short - and you only get one of them - so enjoy it in every way it offers itself to you both. But I never see anything past what it is - an affair of sorts.

A person at 21 is in a different mind-frame then someone in their 30's... As we age, our experiences and growth change how we think and react to situations.

When I remember who I was when I was 21 compared to who I am now, I see 2 different people.

Age is not just a number - with time, we grow emotionally and evolve as a person with the things we experience throughout the years. In the past, I've dated guys that young; but that's as far as it would go. She must really yearn for those old "college" days???