41 penpal friends dating of ages

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41 penpal friends dating of ages

When I was child I go to gymnastics, track and field athletics, music. I will be glad to see letters from peoples, who want to learn English through to correspondence, who want to have friends from aver countries.

I love to feel to crispness salts breeze on my lips. I am manager by economic questions at the large metallurgical plant.

I like listening to classical music and modern music. I am a student on the faculty of economic at the National Metallurgical Academy. I good know computer and now I want to know English. I learn English and I want to have a lot of penfriends, who are from country, where speak in English.

I love to feel to crispness salts breeze on my lips. I am manager by economic questions at the large metallurgical plant. I'm bookkeeper in the firm and I like my work very much.

I want to find some friends who will correspond with me. I finished St-Petersburg State University in this year and now I am working in one of programmer group.

I hope that find some people who will answer in this letter.

I have many friends, but I don't know English very well.

So , pls if it is not very difficult for You ,it would be kind of You give my address to some foreigner ( it might be as well as it 'll be British or American person, I mean native speaker)!!! Write me in any case, I'll be glad to write you back!

I'm not looking for husband abroad , I just wanna correspond with somebody who 'll be able to help me in my English improving! That's a great way to travel without much money, believe me!

To my mind I'm not very bright in English , so this is the reason of my "appeal" to You. Sorry if there are mistakes here (my English is not perfect). Two years ago 3 Danish girls visited our country in such a way and then my friends came to visit Denmark in return.

I would like to find new friends in another countries. You'll only have to get visa and to buy tickets to get here.

We can become pen friends and if you want you may come to our place as well to visit Russia.

People who are not from Russia are welcome as well.

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