7 day dating and relationship plan

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You’re planning your Customer Conference to start on January 13, 2014 with five packed days of presentations and events.You want to host a Question and Answer Booth with one of your partners, and they are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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If it does slip, you want to be able to change the date of the Conference itself and have the dates for the Q&A Booth change automatically.

First schedule your Conference Date as a task (Duration = 5 for the business week), then set up your Q&A Booth (Duration 2 for the number of days you’d like the booth to be up and running), but no Start or Finish Date for it yet.

Next, link the tasks together by clicking on the Predecessor cell for the Q&A Booth and select the pencil icon to enter the Predecessors window.

To link the Q&A Booth to the Conference Dates, start with the Row # for the Conference Dates Task, which in this case is 1.

Proper planning and task timelines are key ingredients for any successful project plan, and lag days are helpful in customizing your plans when dependencies are enabled.

When you’re using predecessors and dependencies, lag days are another key piece of the Smartsheet project management tool set to know a little something about.

Lag days are a way to adjust the relationship between predecessors in your project plans.This week, we’ll take a look at three different scenarios that are pretty common in project management.We’ll use a common HR onboarding scenario to illustrate this example.Most new employees have a bit of a delay between accepting an employment offer and their first day on the job.In our example, there’s a two week difference: To establish a two week delay in your interview / onboarding process, enter 10 Lag Days in the Predecessor option for your New Employee Start Date: In our example, we’re using a positive number of days to push out the next activity or task.To illustrate this use of Lag Days, we’ll use an event planning example.