A good dating relationship

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A good dating relationship - man and woman loving dating site

Bring the fun back - even if you have to book it into the calendar once every week.Sharing a physical activity, like a bike ride or a walk in the park, is especially good for lifting your spirits, along with your heart rate.

If money is in short supply, do babysitting swaps with a friend and plan a picnic in the park.There are 168 hours in a week: make a commitment to devote at least two of those hours to your relationship.Of course, you and your partner are not going to agree about everything, but in expressing disagreement to your partner, playground rules apply - no insults, name-calling or throwing things. Don't make the other person wrong, don't say he's stupid. I have another thought about it.'" If your disagreement seems to be escalating, call a mutually agreed upon time-out, and make a plan to continue the discussion after a cooling-off period.Keeping things on a calm, even keel is better for your blood pressure and your relationship.In England and Wales, 34% of marriages end in divorce by the 20th wedding anniversary.However, that means that most marriages don’t end in divorce.

So what are the secrets of a long and happy relationship?

Here are 5 important relationship tips: Everybody has the need to be listened to and fully understood.

Sometimes mirroring or simply repeating what your spouse has said, is enough to let him or her know that you have been listening.

For example, say something like, "I understand you're upset because I didn't take out the rubbish." Or "I realise that you want to talk about what happened at work today." Provide evidence that you are paying attention to your partner's concerns.

Early on in a relationship couples talk as friends, they do fun things, but over time, those ways of connecting change.

Work, family, financial problems, all have a way of taking over daily life and eroding the sense of fun that brought you two together in the first place.

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