Accommodating autism classroom

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Accommodating autism classroom - Web cam sms

Children with autism spectrum disorders are increasingly being educated in inclusive general education classrooms.For optimal results, teachers need to know as much as possible about autism and the teaching methods and modifications that work best for these students.

Now teachers can turn to Autism in Your Classroom for the information and guidance they need.

Written by two neuropsychologists with extensive clinical and classroom experience, this new book is a concise, easy-to-read guide developed for primary school teachers (grades K- 6).

Part I provides a complete overview of the types, causes, characteristics, and treatments of autism spectrum disorders.

It also explains various secondary characteristics of autism that create challenges for students, such as sensory abnormalities, behavioral issues, and limited social skills and peer interaction.

Part II focuses on the student in the classroom: It covers a variety of strategies to manage learning & behavior, such as:modifying classwork & homework; helping with language difficulties; using visual strategies; keeping students focused & organized; teaching reading & math; using positive reinforcement & rewards; handling challenging behavior; explaining autism to other students; teaching social skills in the classroom; balancing the needs of typical and special students Part III features two useful case studies.

Both stem from the authors' hands-on work and consultation with teachers, students, and parents.

The book concludes with an appendix of frequently asked questions about children with autism asked by educators.

There are many language-based activities that correlate with reading achievement (as well as being useful for particular cognitive training)...

Here are detailed thoughts about sentence diagramming, how it helps children learn to read, and more effective strategies.

Thsi is is wriat a learning-disadleb chilb often has to conteb with when atteqting to need a dook. These are samples of what people with #dyslexia see when they try to read.

Once student behaviors and academic support needs have been assessed, educators have the information necessary to design a plan for instruction and classroom supports.

Students with autism benefit most from intensive, individualized instruction and interventions– “prescriptive, evidence-based supports implemented systematically to strengthen students’ specific academic and behavior skills.” Armed with knowledge of specific student strengths …

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