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Multifocal (Premium) IOLs can eliminate this condition and help you enjoy life without the hassles of glasses or bifocals and the need to continually change your prescription.

Toric IOLs provide a single focal point for enhanced image quality for distance vision.

There is always the risk for under/over correction with this procedure.

Cost of Multifocal (Premium) IOLs Because having presbyopia or astigmatism are not “emergency” conditions, the decision to go with a Multifocal (Premium) IOL is not typically covered by Medicare or private insurance; only the Monofocal lenses are currently covered.

However, the benefits of these Premium IOLs are often worth the extra expense, as they may allow you to live life lens-free.

Make the Most of Your Cataract Surgery Most patients who are diagnosed with cataracts never dream of regaining the vision of their youth after cataract surgery.

But with today’s Multifocal (Premium) Lens options, that’s just what you may be able to achieve.

Cataract surgery involves replacing your original eye crystalline lens with a replacement Intraocular Lens, or IOL.Traditional IOLs are called Monofocal IOLs because the lens provides vision for one distance after surgery.Most people opt to have distance vision with a Monofocal IOL, so they often require reading glasses to see objects close-up.At the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, we give our patients IOL options to help patients have a better quality of life after our laser-based cataract surgery with Len Sx technology: Multifocal IOLs and Toric IOLs. You may choose a Multifocal (Presbyopia-Correcting) IOL.Presbyopia is the condition that causes most adults over age 50 to need reading glasses.In presbyopia, your lens naturally becomes less flexible so it becomes harder to focus on close objects.