Adult chat line parlor

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Adult chat line parlor - Free sex chat roulette for couples

Two wooden, hand-painted signs common in towns stuck with the “quaint” label, are posted just outside Powell Police Chief Gary Vest’s offices.

From the police station, you turn right onto East Olentangy Street and pass many of Powell’s vibrant storefronts, including the ultra-hip Kraft House No.

5 restaurant, Prohibition Gastro Lounge and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, ’til you’re just beyond the downtown square.

As strip malls go, the one you seek is nondescript, all brick exterior and maroon awnings, but there’s safety in this disguise, a sense of legitimacy that comes with this out-in-the-open location.

You turn into the driveway to the Powell Center strip mall, past the marquee advertising two churches, a dentist’s office and a daycare.

The first business you’ll see is a travel boutique promising “One Trip to Paradise.” The sentiment might resonate with this quest, but you’re not seeking those services.

Today, you’re a monger, and you’re interested in something far more unusual: Asian massage parlors.

You heard about this particular place from fellow mongers in an Internet chat room dedicated to this interest.

You’ve read their reviews, you’ve done the research. But this journey couldn’t be duplicated because, a matter of months later, it was all over. Your future quests shifted to any of the dozens of other illegitimate massage parlors in Central Ohio, each one placed in affluent suburbs around Columbus.

You escaped unscathed, because you were smart enough to pay cash, use a fake name, park far from the strip mall and walk to your location—all tips and tricks you learned from friends on online review websites just for Asian massage parlors. They got caught up in what was the largest human trafficking bust in Central Ohio in a decade. 14, police raided four locations—three Asian massage parlors and one apartment—in Powell, Worthington and Columbus.

Officials believe all the locations—two under the name Amsun Massage and one called Rainbow Massage—are connected to a human trafficking ring that stretches from California to New York City to China.

The same day, federal agents raided three other massage parlors in Central Ohio, also believed to be connected, but details of those raids have not been made public.

Federal agents are investigating the spas’ possible role in trafficking people and money between states and internationally.