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In this updated version of the best Christian colleges for social work ranking, we revised our approach in order to better encapsulate the most reputable schools for religious students.The previous article fell short in two ways: First, it did not select from a comprehensive list of Christian schools, and so some highly eligible institutions were not even considered in the ranking.

In retrospect, we considered that this might issue a disservice to social work students who need to attend an accredited school.

In determining any “best value” ranking, it is incredibly difficult to ascertain a set of factors that will elucidate the very best educational options for every student.

For example, some factors – such as tuition and student-to-faculty ratio – are external to social work programs but are nonetheless important for many applicants.

By the same token, people inherently differ in their priorities and so it is unlikely that a universal list of “top schools” even exists.

As such, we encourage our readers to keep in mind the possibility that there are other excellent colleges out there that did not make it onto this list, and that students should consult their own personal objectives when making a decision about their education.

For the purposes of this ranking, we limited our pool to only CSWE-accredited programs.

All of the colleges have at least one accredited degree option (BSW or MSW) and many have both.

We also double-checked schools’ religious roots individually, using the “Affiliation” attribute on the universities’ Wikipedia pages as a guide.

From a list of more than 150 schools, we determined the final ranking using these indicators: Tuition (Weighted 10%): As an “external” indicator, we emphasized this category less than others, but wanted to take into account the importance of cost to many of our readers.

The lower the tuition rate, the more points a school could receive.

Although many of the colleges offer both BSW and MSW degree options, we used undergraduate tuition rates as reported on College Navigator in our ranking in order to be consistent.

The one exception is Brigham Young University, which only has an MSW program.