Adult games website

12-Sep-2016 18:27 by 9 Comments

Adult games website - anyone know of a dating site

Unsuspecting children are being lured to play explicit, animated sex games through a website that purports to be a children's gaming site.

More than 100 interactive Flash games are featured on the front page.

From initial glances, parents would not have cause for concern.

Scroll to the bottom of the web page and every parent's nightmare becomes apparent.

Featured under the "Want More" heading, the site states there are thousands of online games including children's games and online sex games.

A hidden link embedded under "online sex games," links directly to the adult content.

These sex games feature graphic sexual scenarios, all accessible for children to play.

Links and adverts for real-life pornographic content pop-up within this area.

Take a stroll through the forum section, linked from the main page and it quickly becomes apparent this forum has also been used for grooming children.

Headings titled "Homework Help" appear innocent enough, but closer inspection reveals sinister undertones throughout the forum.

Posts such as "Like Young Boys", state the writer has swapped many pictures with young boys online.

The same thread creator has posted similar child-sex related forum posts.

Administrators blocked the forum from accepting new users and comments in mid-2015, however the posts are still readily available.

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