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There are currently 17,764 jobs waiting for you to start work on! 3 Bath Salts - Project to be finished by today 6 PM IST 3 Face wash Watch video to get a clear idea on what you have to do. Freelancer is the largest marketplace for jobs in the world.

I do not have a PSP file of the logo, will send you a current label the brand uses Specifications Text : All text in dark blue color (indigo blue) PAVANITO - Royal Ink Blue Bow Tie : Tomato Red Bow Tie kno...

Hello Please do not give bid from india or pakistan automaticly i will decline your bid i need isolated&float power supply for led ammeter i already build on picture that circuit but does not work it is supply current 1Ma very low for ammeter,i need at least 10Ma it is must be small can be using inductor coil or some ic for more detail please contact with me Hello I have a wordpress website and I would like to have changes done one the go.

There are some points that need correction and customizations.

We have a couple of websites on wordpress that needs constant work.

Looking for someone who would like to charge me lumpsum or hourly rates based on work. 2.2-Zone2: Bottom fixed zone with 2 logos 2.3-Zone3: middle zone is web browsable zone that only shows a full website. var CONTEST_TYPE = 'c'; var PROJECT_TYPE = 'p'; var bookmark Tooltip Msg = { project: { bookmark: "Bookmark this project", unbookmark: "Unbookmark this project" }, contest: { bookmark: "Bookmark this contest", unbookmark: "Unbookmark this contest" } }; var infowindow Data = []; var ab Test Bookmark Color = false; function set Infowindow Data (data, index) { var infowindow = {}; = data[]; = data[index.lon]; if (! infowindow.lon) { return; } = data[]; infowindow.budget = data[index.budget]; infowindow.seo_url = data[index.seo_url]; infowindow.location = []; if (data[index.vicinity]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.vicinity]); } if (data[index.administrative_area_level_1]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.administrative_area_level_1]); } if (data[index.project_country]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.project_country]); } infowindow.address = infowindow.location.join(', '); infowindow.hourly = data[index.duration] !

Thanks and Regards Seeking for Administrative Assistant that can also do bookkeeping available position for an Administrative Assistant in this Department of our family company Duties to include administrative/clerical tasks,data entry, general office duties,bookkeeping and accounting work. Successful candidate must have High school diploma, ideal candidate would have experi... 1- Splash screen showing logo and name of the app during 5 seconds. = 'Fixed'; infowindow Data.push(infowindow); } function fn Project_table Name Render(o Obj) { set Infowindow Data(o Obj.a Data, project_table Column Indexes); var description = ''; var truncate Description = true; if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.private] == true && o Obj.a Data[project_table Column] == '') { var name = 'Private project or contest #' + o Obj.a Data[project_table Column]; truncate Description = false; if (get User Idfrom Cookie() == '') { description = 'Sign Up max Size && truncate Description) { description = description.substring(0, max Size - 3); description += '...'; } var upgrade_icons = ''; var icon_array = []; var icon_label = []; // Featured if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.featured] == true) { icon_label.push('featured'); icon_array.push('featured'); } // Urgent if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.urgent] == true) { icon_label.push('urgent'); icon_array.push('urgent'); } // Qualified if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.qualified] == true) { icon_label.push('qualified'); icon_array.push('qualified'); } // Fulltime if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.fulltime] == true) { icon_label.push('fulltime'); icon_array.push('fulltime'); } // Sealed if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.sealed] == true) { icon_label.push('sealed'); icon_array.push('sealed'); } // NDA if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.nda] == true) { icon_label.push('nda'); icon_array.push('nda'); } //Prepaid if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.prepaid] == true) { icon_label.push('prepaid'); icon_array.push('prepaid'); } //Top Contest if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column] == true) { icon_label.push('top'); icon_array.push('top contest'); } //Local Job if (o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.local] == true) { icon_label.push('local'); icon_array.push('local'); } if (window.local Jobs) { var project Location = [ o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.vicinity], o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.project_country] ]; var distance = o Obj.a Data[project_table Column Indexes.distance] ?

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