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Brexit, the British exit from the European Union, is a major breakthrough for the independence of nations.Freedom lovers all over the world have been hoping for such a watershed event to encourage other national populations to reclaim their sovereignty and independence from globalist multilateralism.

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The Hill, Arpil 27, 2016 – “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” Trump promised during a speech in Washington.“I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down,” he claimed.“And under my administration, we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs.The nation-state remains the true foundation of happiness and harmony.” ….NAFTA, Trump said, “has been a total disaster for the United States and has emptied our states of our manufacturing and our jobs.” The list of “international unions” to which Trump refers includes more than just the more commonly known United Nations, World Trade Organization, and NATO, all of which have the United States as the chief sustaining member.It also includes the various continental, regional blocs, such as the.

All of these organized blocs of nations are declared to be authorized and under the auspices of the UN, an organization largely underwritten by American taxpayers.

Like NAFTA (consisting of North American Free Trade nations Canada, US and Mexico), all of these blocs originated as economic trade blocs. Ted Cruz, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News here in his campaign office on Monday, escalated his battle with Sen.

However, officials from these and other blocs have publicly declared the desire for their bloc to become a geopolitical jurisdiction, so that each bloc would integrate into a federal union of nations, By Tim Porter, Jan 25, 2016 It’s sure to be a significant return on investment…. Marco Rubio on the 2016 campaign trail to a whole new degree: Now, Cruz is laying out why Rubio is responsible for the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Breitbart, Nov 30, 2015 – The Obama administration pursued a policy in Libya back in 2011 that ultimately allowed guns to walk into the hands of jihadists linked to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and al-Qaeda (AQ) in Syria, according to a former CIA officer who co-authored a report on behalf of the mentioned in this report was comprised of a bipartisan group of lawmakers from both chambers.

Cruz’s argument goes like this: Rubio backed now former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner, and President Barack Obama in their efforts to take Muammar Qaddafi out in Libya. National Review, Oct 22, 2015 – It was revealed in today’s Benghazi hearing that on the day he was killed, Ambassador Chris Stevens reported in a wire to the State Department that he had met with Wissam bin Hamid, a warlord with al-Qaeda connections.

As a result, that spiraled the nation into the control of jihadists, who then carried out the attack on the U. When “Were you aware that our folks were either wittingly or unwittingly meeting on the ground with members of al-Qaeda hours before the attack? “I know nothing about this, congressman,” “I know nothing about this, congressman,” Clinton replied. Pompeo’s Washington office, indicated that this short, two-minute exchange was the only time in Clinton’s eleven hours before the House Select Benghazi Committee that this smoking-gun revelation was mentioned.

It was buried approximately two hours into the hearing.

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