Ady an and vanness wu dating 2016

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Ady an and vanness wu dating 2016 - Video chat online

She seems to be enjoying herself with friends in Paris and took many photos with them.

Despite all rumours, Wang Yikai did attend the couple's private wedding and ever took photos with the couple.

SETTV idol drama Autumns Concerto aired its 5th episode last Sunday, and it left a big impression on the audience.

Besides making the audience tear up constantly, the ratings also did very well!

On the 2nd, main leads Vanness Wu, Ady An, Tiffany Hsu & Chris Wu happily ate kingfish to celebrate.

Reporters at the event also asked SETTV general producer Chen Yu Shan whether she really will be leaving SETTV but her reply was quite ambiguous: There are many different forms of collaborations.

SETTV idol drama Autumns Concerto aired its 5th episode last Sunday and met very strong competitor Hi My Sweethearts premiere broadcast.

But ratings still achieved a very good result of 3.73, claiming first place for the 5th consecutive week!And Ady also boldly admitted that she herself was too immersed in the drama.When she saw herself falling into the water, and then seeing Vanness Wu kiss hot girls at a nightclub, it made her extremely jealous.She laughed saying: During the commercial break, I immediately phoned the director to complain, how can Vanness use the same way of kissing Liang Mu Chen to then go and kiss other girls?!In episode 5, there was one scene where Ady had to help Vanness shave.That heartbreaking performance of crying & suffering made Vanness say happily: This drama has let me fully understand what are real emotions!

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