Aim im chat rooms sex

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Aim im chat rooms sex

In the first AOL instant message I got from my husband, he asked if I was OK. I had just returned to my dad’s house uptown after walking home from my high school downtown, and my instinct was to hog the phone line so I could sign on to AOL.

It turns out that the other camp boy and I didn’t chat much after that, but Matt and I kept talking.I was an early adopter of AOL, with a mother working in media and a father in one of those software jobs dads always have where you don’t know quite what they do. ), something to do with ladybugs, and finally Papayajaya1.Our homes were littered with those CDs promising 1000 hours of service, and middle school friends were trading emails like we had pogs three years before. AOL appealed to me the way it did to most chubby, frizzy-haired teens who were not technologically inclined, whose crushes always went for their more conventionally attractive friends, and who had recently seen .I changed the quotes in my AOL Instant Messenger profile almost daily, and fretted over the right combinations of font and color to make my IM voice look as bright and edgy as I wanted to be in real life.I started conversations with acquaintances who made me feel shy in person.I imagined I had inner beauty and wit, and in chat rooms and AIM was where I could shine until that outer beauty showed up.

And slowly, the IRL me started to become more like the me I allowed myself to be online. New Yorkers know that living on opposite sides of the city can feel like a long-distance relationship, so when you’re 14 and the guy you like lives in Connecticut, it feels like he’s away at war.

We used AIM because it was our most practical option; like many teenagers in the year 2001, we didn’t have cell phones.

We did have computers in our respective bedrooms, though, and parents who weren’t expecting phone calls after dinner hours. We quoted lots of Blink-182 lyrics to each other and built empires out of inside jokes.

We talked about what we wanted to do when we got out of high school and tried to make each other jealous by mentioning other girls or boys in our lives.

Once, we made the exact same joke at the same time, something about the word “shenanigans,” and I was convinced we were soulmates.

Little by little we let each other into our lives, recorded in hot pink and orange text on a black background. I copy/pasted the moments Matt said he liked me into Word docs, just as proof that they’d actually happened.

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