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The top three dealbreakers for men were poor hygiene, smoking and being overweight. Most people want to get married between the ages of 26-30.Unsurprisingly, no one wants their significant other to smell bad.5. Both men and women reported being much less likely to date someone who owned a reptile or a rodent, and one-fifth of respondents would break up with someone their pet didn't like. Forty-nine percent of respondents considered this the ideal age.

According to the Pew Center, the average age of first marriage in the U. A full 69 percent of people surveyed thought the ideal time to shack up with a significant other was between less than six months and up to two years of dating.We advise caution -- letting someone witness your shower-singing can't be undone.Just like with all "dating advice," these stats should probably be taken with a grain of salt.Tailoring yourself to what other people are looking for probably won't work out well, so we'd recommend keeping an eye out for someone who likes you as you are, reptiles and all.This finding comes from the 2014 State of Dating in America report, commissioned by JDate and Christian Mingle.A total of 2,647 respondents between the ages of 18 and 59 took a 20-minute online survey about their dating habits, expectations and turnoffs.1.

Everyone is confused about what constitutes a date.Sixty-nine percent of singles reported that they were at least somewhat uncertain whether an outing with someone they were interested in was a date or not.Pro tip: If you're going out with someone you met on a dating site, it's a date.The rest of the time, make your intentions clear.2.The number one dating dealbreaker for both genders is poor hygiene.The top three dating dealbreakers for women surveyed were poor hygiene, unemployment, and a tie between excessive drinking habits and smoking.