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And of course, I will always get “but how will this help new artists?

Of course, you have the right to deny working for some people, but when you do work for them, showing competence and commitment will reward the both of you.Fortunately, artists-beware is where these issues are discussed about along with warnings about both customers and caterers and can really save yourself from getting into huge trouble.have problems where you constantly get into internet fights and don’t learn from it (I see this a lot on tumblr, unfortunately) then you’ll have to start paying more attention to what you’re actually doing because you need to cut the shit that constantly cycles you into getting into drama.But here are extremely basic point to realize: as well. Preston still hasn’t learned the basic measurements for the human body where the entire body is roughly 7 1/2 heads tall give or take on the age/ gender of the character. Even in cartoons the character have to be made so that they don’t look like fucking freaks with their limbs and body out of proportion.

Carl or what ever the fuck his name is ( I don’t care at this point ) stands at a magical 4 1/2 heads tall in most panels, now I would be forgiving of this if Carl was designed to be very short, BUT HE’S IS MADE TO LOOK TALLER THAT THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS FUCKING COMIC SERIES.

I doesn’t help that Preston make the arms to fucking short either, arms when you are standing upright your finger tips should reach middle of your thighs not at the hip.

Making a journal to excuse an incredibly unprofessional way of handling a private commission is a really bad way to respond to something and shows no will to improve something.

And the fact that Dobson is labelling this under trolling and a scam is also not surprising to me.

Remember, these people could have very well commissioned something awful like fetish art or something hateful but they chose Samus instead to actually review how he does his work and it sheds a lot.

The whole “well they didn’t see how well I catered to my I could go on and on, but those who have invested their money into this have already put in their words on this.