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Nancy Kerrigan stumbled on her "Throw" Axel (is it really a Throw when the girl does an Axel while the guy briefly brushes his hands along her hip and shoulder; oh, and I'd have cut points for ripping off a Brausseur and Eisler routine, too), Tai almost lost the edge on her Waltz Jump, and John Zimmerman totally went down on his Arabian.

2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist Timothy Goebel has announced his retirement from eligible skating.The writing was on the wall when he didn't make the 2006 Olympic team, but I believe his legacy as the Quad King is one he can and should be rightly proud of.He, and not Michael Weiss, will always be the first American man to land a Quad in competition. So good you didn't even noticed that he fell at least once that I can recall on a jump. (Vern Taylor of Canada, who landed the first triple Axel in 1978 never won a World title, but is still better remembered then the guy who did that year, America's Charlie Tickener). I went home and gushed about this kid as the next Toller Cranston. Second: Loyd Eisler - Dude, learn to add up numbers in your head. Show that cheating Jillian Barbieri that she ain't all that!

Then learn to remember them and compare them to other numbers.Less Than/More Than, I'm confident the Canadian School System covered that in first grade, just like here.Third: Debbie Gibson and Kurt Browning - Wha' happened? Your Motown program of this week was very, very lame.Fourth: So Todd Bridges falling down once last week was enough to get him bounced, but Kristy Swanson falling twice this week still put them ahead of Kurt and Debbie?(Granted, Kurt and Debbie were very, very lame; see above).And speaking of falls, was it just me, or did anyone else think it was the pro skaters that were the screw-ups this week?

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    It's best not to approach your adopted siblings with any preconceived expectations.

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    We learned on April 25 that Zac and Sami called it quits after two years together, and now we know why.“Zac is finally getting to a place in Hollywood where he wants to be,” the source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.“With big tent-poles like “He always has wanted to be the next Leo Di Caprio and he hopes now that he has the box office behind him that producers and directors will start giving him more chances other than the lame romantic comedies he gets pitched every five minutes,” the source continued.

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    That's the wild setup of DATING NAKED, where on each episode a man and a woman are brought to a secluded tropical island to have dates with three people, each taking place in the nude.