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Are senri and rima dating - Video chat with granny

Ciel Phantomhive X Reader A New Tale I was special. I was a small child and a demon turned me into his kind by force. One on the men had short red hair and was dressed all in red. I didn't want to experience what one could be like face-to-face. " I said as I looked at him with a slight glare trying not to seem weak. It was storming outside and we were trying to wait it out so we wouldn't be soaked by the time we made it to the apartment.Everyone thought I was dead, even the reapers came to obtain my cinematic records, but what surprised everyone was I was still alive. He had red glasses that went with his attire and was leaning against a chainsaw. " I choked out feeling weak and powerless as I laid on the cobble stone street. I'm sure he could see right through me and my fake strength. Ciel Phantomhive X Reader A New Tale Chapter 4 "I've been waiting to talk to you, (f/n)." He locked the door and I closed the drawer. My heart was starting to race and I'm sure I had to be sweating. I don't need you to make a scene." He took another step and before I knew what was happening, he was on top of me. I heard three loud bangs and growled under my breath. " I roared to whoever was outside as I went back to sweeping.

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The other had short, black hair and wore a black suit and he had pruner in his hand. "I will tell you everything you need and or want to know under one condition." He said as he stopped walking and stood right in-front of me. I have my ways." He said clearing unhappy an grumpy. "Young Master doesn't like people going through his things, but that is not why I'm here." He took a step forward and I took a step back. He held my face tight in place, but didn't bear his claws into my skin. I wanted to try and free myself except I knew better. "I won't hurt you." He slowly let me go and I sat up. After a minute there were four more louder bangs at the door. He always had that poker face that made it hard to determine his feelings. I never heard anything good about them from the reapers. The reapers have already taught you how not to be yourself. Uncle and I had just closed Jasmine Dragon for the night. It was the fact that I was in the same room as a demon.A small smirk and glimpse of happine Ciel Phantomhive X Reader A New Tale Chapter 3 I woke up early the next morning. I heard again as I dragged myself to the door and unlocked it with a yawn. I growled becoming angry with the idiot outside who couldn't read.I couldn't lie, I was ready for the day to be over with. My tired eyes locked with a pair of equally tired blue eyes. its three in the morning.." I tried to yell except I was so tired it sounded like normal talking. I threw the broom down, marched to the door, and swung it open."Can't you see we.." I stopped yelling when I saw who was outside. She was wearing a white cloak that covered her entire body and dragged slight on to the ground, but I could see her face.I pushed back the covers and tiredly got out of bed stretchering my half sleepy muscles. I groaned again unhappy and grabbed a robe tying it over my pajamas. Her skin was as white as her cloak, her eyes were gold mixed with a bright shade of red, and her lips and cheeks were pink.

As I did I noticed there was a note on my nightstand that said 'clothing has been placed in your wardrobe. I looked at the digital alarm clock sitting on my desk. Her hair was a dark brown and I could tell it was lon Vampire Knight Senri Shiki x Reader (Request)You sat in class, listening to the teacher drone on and on about vampire history.

Wear whatever you would like.' Curious about what had been placed in the wardrobe, I went and opened the doors. You'd already learned everything you needed to know about the stuff, and yet here you were, listening to it again for the billionth time.

Inside was dresses off all different colors and patterns and girly-er then I could stand. Was the only noise to be heard at True Cross Academy early in the morning. You tuned the teacher out and your gaze shifted to Senri Shiki. How would you, the new girl, find your way into the impassive man’s heart? You sighed in defeat and decided to think about it later, resting your head on the desk and falling asleep.

I despised wearing dresses to the point where I would rather cross dress and pretend to be a man then have to wear a dress. Luckily this one had a zipper and it was much easier to put on by myself. You've had a crush on him, since you first arrived here a month ago. --You felt someone nudge you, trying to wake you up, but you didn't budge as you were still half asleep. There was this feeling you would get it was an edgy feeling as if someone constantly was watching me. As you rush down the stairs you feel diz [comfort zone.] shiki senri Moving into Cross academy seemed like a rather lousy idea to you at first.

I shifted through all the dresses till I found a red one with black under-lace. I pulled my hair in a bun and went down to the kitchen. You loved how he wasn’t all into the crowd and said and did what he wanted to, whenever he wanted to, if he decided to speak that is. “Hey, new girl, wake up,” said someone with a bored, monotone shiki senri x reader 'GET AWAY' Senri Shiki x reader part 1 ~Your P. I was in class currently getting ready to go home when I get this urge to get up and leave so I do so."Y/N? You had heard of the well maintained dorms and such, but going to something like this was kind of uncomfortable.

But because you couldn't stand hearing your parents bicker on about it, you just packed your bags and headed to the institution, having no idea what to expect.

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