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It's the end of a reality TV era — or it soon will be.After 10 years and nearly 350 makeovers, the end is nigh for TLC's fashionable staple, "What Not to Wear." While fans of the show are sure to be sad to say goodbye to the weekly wardrobe switcheroos, style guru Clinton Kelly feels the timing is right.

But I just sort of found myself rolling my own eyes at my own words as they're coming out of my mouth, like, 'How 'bout you try a structured jacket? Kelly insisted that everyone involved in the production wanted to end the show while they still liked it, and to that end, they've pulled out all the stops.

"The casting department really did a good job in the last season of finding characters that did not seem like the same old characters we've sort of worked with before," he told us. It's like, 'How many frumpy moms can you make over in one season?

'" The character coming up on the next episode — the penultimate episode of the series — is anything but frumpy.

She's also anything but likable, at least as far as Kelly was concerned. ' " While the showdown with Megumi might just be the most intense one in the show's history, it's far from the only time Kelly just couldn't see eye-to-eye with one of "What Not to Wear's" fashion victims.

"We have a woman named Megumi, who I got into the biggest fight with," he recalled. "I think that Tristen, with the duck nails, was one of the worst transgressors we've had on the show," he told TODAY.

"I've really only gotten into fights with about two women out of 350 (over the years), and Megumi and I had it out in the 360 mirror! I mean, she told me I needed Botox and I just went off on her," he said of the heated exchange. "She idolized the cast of 'Jersey Shore.' " Despite a couple of tough participants, the positive experiences have outnumbered the negative ones for Kelly.

" The fight wasn't really over fit or fashion either. "Not that I have anything against Botox — I really don't. In fact, he's still in contact with a surprising number of past subjects."I keep in touch with about 100 of them, believe it or not, whether that's Twitter or Facebook or a text message here and there," he said."But yeah, I had some great times with some of them.You know, we really affected people's lives positively.So it was a good experience." And while it's not his habit to keep in touch with the ones he "didn't like," Kelly does make exceptions. "I didn't like her when she was in the studio, and I felt bad about that.I felt she was being defensive, and I felt that maybe I was being a little bit rough on her.

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