Arizona law threatening and intimidating

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Arizona law threatening and intimidating

The crime of harassment is increased to the felony crime of aggravated harassment where a person engages in the conduct described above under misdemeanor harassment (Ariz.

§§ 13-707, 13-802.) The penalty for misdemeanor threatening or intimidating conduct is a maximum sentence of six months, a fine of ,500, or both.

§§ 13-707, 13-802.) The penalty for felony aggravated harassment is a sentence of a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years in prison, a fine of 0,000, or both.

§§ 13-702, 13-801.) A person convicted of a second offense of aggravated harassment faces a minimum sentence of four months and a maximum sentence of one year and six months, a fine of 0,000, or both.

§§ 13-702, 13-801.) Arizona law requires schools to enact and enforce policies and procedures that prohibit students from harassing, intimidating, and bullying other students on school property or school buses, and at school-sponsored activities or events “through the use of electronic technology, communications, networks, forums, or mailing lists.

Cyberbullying, or using electronic media to harass another person, is a crime in Arizona.

In addition, Arizona law requires schools to develop and enforce policies to deal with student-on-student bullying and cyberbullying. § 13-2921.) Threatening or intimidating another person is also a misdemeanor crime in Arizona.

This article discusses cyberbullying laws in Arizona. For information about cyberbullying in general, see our article, Teen Cyberbullying and Harassment. § 13-2921.) A person commits the misdemeanor crime of harassment in Arizona by: (Ariz. Arizona law makes it a crime for any person to harass another person and includes harassment done via electronic means (such as telephone, the Internet, social media sites, texting, email, instant messages, or other similar means). Under Arizona law, bullying and cyberbullying are referred to as harassment and threatening or intimidating another person. Arizona law defines harassment as conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to be “seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed” and that, in fact, does have that effect on the person targeted. § 13-1202.) A person commits this crime by using language or conduct that conveys a threat: (Ariz.

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