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You already know it: they abound - the vultures pretending to be journalists! Examples Why will a network intentionally put in its news and international at that, a particular restaurant as serving good food when there are many that serve better? Paneda of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 220 of the National Capital Judicial Region of Quezon City, Bro. There are a number of charitable works and community services being led by Brother Eli that did not merit the attention of these media giants.

In a 13-page decision penned by Presiding Judge Manuel B. Soriano’s counsel had underscored that his client is under intense persecution by the INC, explaining his failure to return to the country. In a decision penned by Presiding Judge Felixberto T. on December 15, 2009, in the absence of evidences to support accusations, the court said the accused cannot be declared a “fugitive from justice.” DENIED 4. In an eight-page decision penned by Josephine Zarate Fernandez, Presiding Judge of the Regional Trial Court, Fourth Judicial Region, Branch 76 of San Mateo Rizal, TV Broadcaster Eliseo F. The order signed on January 14, 2014 said that malice was not proven beyond reasonable doubt. In a 15-page decision signed on February 11, 2014 by Judge Jose G. It is not only the legal battle of Brother Eli with influential religions that is news worthy. Parba as representative of the Iglesia ni Cristo along with Marianito Cayao and Bernardo Santiago, accused Eliseo Soriano and his companions, Danilo Navales, Jocel Mallari, Wilfredo Santiago and Luzviminda Cruz, of libel in a program aired on January 21, 2005.News of sexual harassment filed against some members of the Philippine National Football Team made waves in the media, stirring different views, opinions and reactions among media personalities, football fans, Azkals critics and the general public. Side comments expressing personal opinions while a news item is being reported or delivered are prohibited to prevent the listener from mistaking opinion for news. Just because you don't like someone or what he has allegedly done doesn't mean u have to attack his roots or question his nationality, especially if your a news reporter.It is easy to put up slogans like “Legal, honest, and truthful,” “In the service of the Filipino worldwide,” “Not siding with anyone, not protecting anyone; no untruths, just purely service! By accepted universal standards, businesses must advertise their products or service and not ride on as news! The audience can tell because it starts as news and eventually there goes the hype! While it is public interest and a right to know things about a popular person in the government, in the private sector, and in the religious world, both good and bad accounts about a person must be published by media practicing fair journalism! Focusing on the negative Choosing to always cover one-sided reports about a person is unfair! ” But that is not how people experience the output of news media giants these days. In fact the Presidente-elect Rody Duterte said “pera-pera lang yan! Brother Eli has been the subject of evil reports by media networks in the Philippines, sometimes the subject of headlines in some newspapers!

And why does the Editor-in-Chief approve of such injustice to other restaurants? What about those trusting in you that you deliver your service according to your slogan of honesty? Fairness is a must especially in investigative journalism.

That way, it will appear as true-blue advertisement and not as news. This is gossipmongering that is prohibited in the Bible! As media, aren’t you supposed to be guides to the common tao?

Why not let the restaurant owner buy space or time to advertise his restaurant? Gossips about screen personalities like impending split of celebrities, the fight of two jealous contenders for a man in the fourth street of Bangkusay, a street vendor having a boxing spree with another vendor - these will not benefit viewers and readers. What is important again about impending split of celebrities, the fight of two jealous contenders for a man in the fourth street of Bangkusay, a street vendor having a boxing spree with another vendor?

Accordingly, the term "advertorial" is a blend of the words "advertisement" and "editorial." It is really an advertisement but with the face of news! So it is important that one must not dress up as another. " Not newsworthy There are items posted, printed, and broadcast by news media that are not newsworthy! Isn’t it logical to think that these media are being paid for or influenced by Brother Eli's detractors? You believe certain things that are really not important yet state that they are because it is to your selfish benefit.

and he is killed and he is glorified because he is a journalist. Merriam Webster terms this as advertorial - an advertisement in the form of editorial content. Because news is supposed to be objective (no money involved) and advertisement is hard-sell (money is involved). Judge Geraldine Fiel-Macaraig of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 192 of Marikina City, however, dismissed the case for insufficiency of evidence on February 11, 2010. Always Alert when Negative But what is suspicious is that when a case filed by an enemy progressed or when Brother Eli is denied of his appeals, these media giants are the first to report them! Address to Media Because they cannot see clearly, this is the verse that these news media giants merit. The hypocrisy in all your slogans of honesty, truthfulness and service is that you so pay attention to petty matters and report them but ignore the weightier ones.

The problem is every son of a bitch who claims to be journalist makes money out of it, milking money, extorting money from the people… Do not ever think that you are in a field of purity. v=XXRTdlj Xlj A) I am quite certain that the President-elect Duterte has had experiences similar to mine when he said about media in the Philippines (referring to giant networks) as "pera-pera lang yan! Doesn’t it follow that the journalist will profit from this news-riding advertisement? Eliseo Soriano and his co-hosts at UNTV37 are acquitted of the crime of libel. Maybe nobody paid them to put in their news line-up these newsworthy items! MCGI as Number 1 Blood Donor: On average, around 10,000 blood units are amassed yearly by Members Church of God International (MCGI), which it donates to government and non-government organizations. First in the country: The transient home project by the Kamanggagawa Foundation, a non-profit arm by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) caters to those unable to go home for the night. While I cannot mention everything that we do, these are just examples of what could be reported on – and not the usual fare of tattler tales.

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