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GET TO KNOW: Raymond Yip Hong Kong Trade Development Council assistant executive director Yip, a familiar face at Filmart, who has nurtured the market since its inception in 1997 and is always a reassuring presence for returning veterans.

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The exclusive guest list is a who’s who of Pan-Asian power players.

Roger Garcia Garcia, one of the HKIFF’s founding execs, returned to the event last year after a 15-year stay in California when he was appointed executive director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.

Carrie Wong Wong, head of production and development at Fox International Productions, is the financier whom HAF project participants and filmmakers should know to pitch projects to.

Fred Tsui Everyone should know Media Asia’s sales agent extraordinaire Tsui, the affable film rep with a wicked sense of humor (and exclusive party invitations) who’s the center of an international network of industry players and partygoers.

The human skull sets allow for the study of characteristics suggestive of geographical ancestry (African, Asian, and European) and/or sex.

This set consists of 3 male and 3 female skulls, which are also available as separate sets (male: ).

Although the concept of race assessment is controversial, certain features of the skull may be of use in differentiating ancestral groups for forensic purposes.Some key traits for the analysis of geographical ancestry include palatal shape, maxillary incisor shape, profile, presence or absence of nasal spine, and shape of nasal sill, among others.Key features for sex analysis include size of mastoid process, shape of chin, angle of ramus, shape and contour of forehead, among others.FILMART FACTS: Now in its 15th year, Filmart is one of the founding events of the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo, whose scale and scope expands to 10 events this year, including the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum, the Asian Film Awards and the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival. Cambodia is the latest addition to the Filmart national pavilion lineup.Also participating for the first time is the American Pavilion, organized by the Independent Film & Television Alliance and featuring 20 companies. Despite being slapped with a category-III rating (equivalent to NC-17), Media Asia’s , the opening film of HKIFF 2010, found a niche with smokers and their sympathizers to take in HK.4 million. The biggest booth at Filmart 2011, occupying more than 200 square meters, belongs to China Film Promotion International, the overseas sales arm of the state-run China Film Group.CFPI was instrumental in organizing the inaugural Beijing International Film Festival in April.

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