At bamyan in afghanistan predating european

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At bamyan in afghanistan predating european

Tremendous discovery, it was first predicted in 1971 by Leon Chua of UC Berkley but had never been manufactored.

It could possibly lead to computers having no boot up, and is a stored memory similar to the human brain.--Sparkygravity (talk) , (UTC) Weak Oppose mainly cause I don't understand it from info given.

Blurb and intro on article are self-referential definitions not written in layman's terms.

Flux Capacatior, Leaves me scratching my head, "SCIENCE BAD" --Lemmey talk , (UTC)Weak oppose for once I partially agree with Lemmey (yes I know this is a shock).

The article doesn't really explain the importance of this breakthrough.

The only thing it really says it that it may be able to replace hard drives, but a lot of things may be able to replace hard drives.

The big problem is none of them have come even close to the cost of hard drives yet.

From what I can tell, this breakthrough may in fact be significant enough for ITN but unless the article properly explains that, then it should stay out.Readers should not be left scratching their heads wondering why they're reading about some strange thing Nil Einne (talk) , (UTC) This story is currently top billing on the Beeb's news website (home and international versions).A similar suggestion was made a while ago, seemed to have good consensus, but no admin seemed to take a fancy to it.This is a good story (albeit "task force" is a little overly dramatic, but that is how it's being described) with a decent article that is of significant global import but may not be directly obvious to those in the western world- so a nice encyclopaedic angle to it as well.Badgerpatrol (talk) , 29 April 2008 (UTC) Oppose - as the UN is only a collection of corrupt non-notable task forces, study panels and commisions.A report of plans to (possibly) create another bureaucracy is not a worthy ITN.