Average length of time dating before getting engaged

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Average length of time dating before getting engaged

That is a question we hear a lot here at Sweet Tooth, and for good reason.

Setting points to expire is an effective way to create urgency in your customers and get them to return for a purchase, but there are a few downsides.The first is that once you take points away from a customer you have taken away all motivation for them to come back.Once those points are taken away, good luck getting them to come back again.The second reason to have no point expiration is because it is annoying to your customers. Imagine getting an email every 6 months saying that if you don’t spend X dollars in the next month your points will disappear.I bet that would piss you off a bit, like it did to Starbucks customers back in 2012 . Regardless of how you look at it, a customer is not going to be pleased when you take their points away.But using point expiration is also effective at encouraging purchases. Now for the benefits of setting an expiry date on your loyalty points.

The first benefit is that it encourages customers to come back.

If you have a date when points expire your customers will be motivated to continue purchasing from you so they don’t lose their hard earned points.

You should also be sending communication to these customers letting them know their points are set to expire.

I would recommend letting them know three months out, 1 month out, 1 week before, and a final reminder the day before expiration.

The last thing you want is to have customers feel like they did not receive adequate warning before the points expired. You may even want to throw in an extra incentive in the last few emails to provide further incentive to return.

If you can get this customer engaged with you again you are You want to know the best way to set loyalty point expiration, it is the title of the article and no doubt why you are here.

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