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Online Dating Bookmarks is a resource for singles that highlights the best articles, sites, services, and links on the Internet that are related to online dating.The primary focus is in providing online daters with extremely valuable information for maximum online dating success.

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That's what Online Dating Bookmarks is all about - lists of places to visit and articles to read that are so good, you just might want to bookmark them!

We also showcase what we see as the best online dating services in the market today, with monthly updates to the list and criteria to determine the best online dating services.

There's an actual methodology to how we rank the top five online dating services (and this list can change).

We examine the following criteria in determining where an online dating service ranks: BBB complaints, number of users, success rate (if known), user interface, value for price, and user opinions.

By Brent Kelley Definition: "4BBB" is a golf tournament format, and stands for "four ball, better ball." "4BBB" is one of those golf formats whose name can mean something different in different places.

But this much is always true: Golfers tee off in groups of four (either as one 4-person team or as two 2-person teams), and each golfer plays his own ball.

So there are four balls in play on each hole, but only one ball (the better ball, or low ball) counts per team per hole.

If four-person teams are in use, then 4BBB works like this: All four golfers tee off and play their own balls into the hole.

The low score among the four counts as the team score for that hole.

When 4-person teams are in use, 4BBB is played as stroke play.

If two-person teams are in use, then Team 1 and Team 2 tee off together (so four balls are still in play), and each team's low ball counts as that team's score on each hole.

With 2-person teams, 4BBB can be played as stroke play or match play.

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