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In the first season of the show the contestants were initially divided into two houses depending on which country they came from but following the first eviction the houses were joined but contestants were still divided into two teams.

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In another twist a week later the public were given the choice of which one of three evicted housemates could return to the house and in a surprising result Tina was voted back into the house.

A few weeks later Carl and Kenneth were fake evicted to a secret room in the house and were both nominated, Kenneth was evicted just a few days later and Carl returned to the house.

In the end it was Britt the 22 year old non original housemate from Norway who won with 47% of the vote.

Famous faces from that year was Swede Elita Löfblad who went on to get a successful modeling career, and Aylar Lie who was a guest star on the show.

Big Brother (Sweden and Norway) is a reality show shown on Kanal 5 in Sweden, and TV Norge in Norway, in which a number of contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize at the end of the run.

It is based on the Big Brother series produced by Endemol.

From 2000 on seasons of Big brother were shown in both Norway and Sweden and in both countries the show enjoyed very high ratings, so high that eventually the production teams of both began thinking about joining together to make one Big brother show for both countries. The 2006 edition was also a co-production between Norwegian and Swedish Big Brother.For this season Adam Alsing left the show, and Hannah Rosander took over as the Swedish host.There was also a Big Brother Exchange Program with Big Brother (Thailand) as well.Following the second season in 2006 the show was cancelled in both Sweden and Norway.The 2005 edition was a co-production with the Norwegian Big Brother, in which nine Swedes and nine Norwegians were put together in the house.The live shows were hosted by Adam Alsing as well as the Norwegian host Brita Møystad Engseth.