Black christian singles guide to dating and sexuality

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Black christian singles guide to dating and sexuality

The early recognition and treatment of psychosis--particularly in adolescents and young adults--is increasingly accepted as an important factor in the individual experience of mental illness, which can have major implications for mental health care and treatment.This book is one of the first books available on the treatment of psychosis. Graham is a consultant clinical psychologist, Head of the Combined Psychosis and Substance Use (COMPASS) Programme in Northern Birmingham, UK, and an Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham.

She has published articles within this area and provides national and international consultancy/advice on service and policy developments for this client group.

Her clinical and research interests include the application of cognitive therapy for people with combined psychosis and substance use.

A publication that reflects this is her paper, "The Role of Dysfunctional Beliefs in Individuals Who Experience Psychosis and Use Substances: Implications for Cognitive Therapy and Medication Adherence" (1998), "Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy," 26, 193-208.

Alex Copello is a consultant clinical psychologist, Head of the Psychology Addiction Speciality within Northern Birmingham Mental Health Trust, and Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham.

He is a practising clinician and the lead professional for the Addiction Research and Development Programme for the Trust.

In addition, he is one of the principal investigators on an MRC-funded UK multisite study evaluating alcohol treatment.

He has been involved in developing a social network-based treatment that will be evaluated in this study.His research and clinical interests include the impact of addiction upon families; the evaluation of services foralcohol and drug users, both in primary care and specialist settings; and the use of qualitative research methods.He has also been involved in international cross-cultural research assessing the impact of addiction on families in Mexico and Australia.He publishes extensively in a number of scientific journals and has co-authored the book "Living with Drink: Women Who Live with Problem Drinkers" (1998). Birchwood is Director of the Early Intervention Service and Director of Research and Development for Northern Birmingham Mental Health Trust, and Professor of Mental Health at the University of Birmingham, UK.His clinical and research interests have centred around the development of methods of promoting individuals' control over their psychotic symptoms, including the application of cognitive therapy to psychotic symptoms, as in acute psychosis, and the recognition and control of early warning signs of relapse.He has published widely in these areas and is a prominent figure within this field.

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