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Seeing as the festival typically runs in the first week of June, walking along the scenic paths to Liberty Village is also a great way to enjoy the city and see its development.recommends getting to the venue early, as there’ll probably be a line up to get in and get your ticket.

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Rather than asking who’s there, the more appropriate question is to ask who isn’t?

The best and hungriest cheese eaters Toronto has ever seen make their way to try the cheese-coctions from the city’s best chefs.

Whether they’re owners of popular food trucks like The Holy Grill Food Truck, or if they’re from happening and established restaurants like Oats & Ivy, come one and come all!

As the festival’s popularity grows, so do the numbers of attendees, which Just Fly reiterates, is one of the main reasons to show up early.

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In recent years, international food festivals and days of appreciation have become widely popular among the foodies of the world.

Whether you’re celebrating international donut day, or grilled cheese day, there’s one snack that reigns supreme in Canada: Mac and Cheese festival.The festival, which is really just a two-day eat-a-thon, is a testament to Canadian’s love of all things cheese.To make sure you get the best out of the festival, Located in the trendy district of Liberty Village in the south west corner of Toronto’s busy urban centre, this is an ideal location to host one of the busiest food festivals the city has seen in recent years.The location is a favourite among young, urban professionals as well has become a strong community, with young families and businesses thriving in the area.Getting to Liberty Village is simple, it’s a straight walk down from the 24hr King St.streetcar, or can be easily accessed with an automobile.