Blender application dating

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Blender application dating

It is one of the most popular programs used for modeling, texturing, animating and rendering.It is available for free, for all major operating systems.

This page covers what Blender can do for an Ogre developer, the tools available and common problems experienced.The basic tools are importing information into Blender, exporting it out, any necessary conversions and requirements for rendering in Ogre.The list below is a quick summary of the tools available.Further down the page are more in-depth descriptions of some of the major tools.Note that all of these tools are created by the community, you and I, just like this wiki.If a tool doesn't have a feature you'd like (or has a bug you'd like to get rid of), perhaps you can persuade the author to work on it, or you are welcome to submit patches.

Search in the forum for news and discussions on a particular tool.Features, bugs and project status are often discussed there. The Blender e-shop: official books and DVDs for learning Blender.Look also to OGRE Exporters - maybe there is something new. DVDs are under Creative Commons license, and can be downloaded legally for free. Popular third-party websites offering Blender education as video tutorials (mostly free): Blender Cookie, Blender Guru, CG Masters, The Process Diary, CG Tuts+. Blender Cookie - Many free video tutorials on blender 2.4x and 2.5x.Where can I learn more about blender, and how to use it? Blender is confusing, I can't get it to do anything useful Blender is not a trivial application one can just play with, and hope to guess how it works.Start at the beginning: follow one or two introductory tutorials from the above-listed websites, and you'll see how the pieces fit together.What do you mean 'Found in ogreaddons', 'Tools/*' or SVN SVN (Subversion) is a tool we use to store the source code for ogre.

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