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In the opening scene, Sandro’s best friend Iva (Archil Kikodze), the high-school’s soccer coach, persuades Sandro to meet a couple of women for a blind date, but only brittle Lali (Marika Antadze) shows up (the other blind date, played by Sopho Shakarishvili, comes into the story later in a scene that neatly bookends the film).

A tentative spark ignites between Sandro and Manana during a beach game of footie and vodka in the pouring rain, but there’s a hitch.Manana is already married to macho, violent, chronically jealous Tengo (Vakhtang Chachanidze).That might not have been a problem since he’s been in jail for a couple of months, but suddenly he’s getting released early and Sandro, the poor love-sick schnook, ends up driving Manana to the jail to meet him.Not realizing there’s a connection between Manana and Sandro, Tengo hires Sandro to be his driver for the day so he can run some errands around town.Single Princesses is a hit 2010 drama about the friendship of a group of modern-day women in China.Le Tong Tong had her grand wedding all planned out, until she was dumped by her playboy boyfriend.

The breakup was caught on their office surveillance camera, and the video spreads throughout the office.

To make matters worst, Tong Tong's young and beautiful rival from the Advertising Department will be replacing her as the bride...

seamlessly blends pro and non-pro actors for a loveable comedy-drama about sad-sack men and strong but beleaguered women.

More comical and set on a wider canvas than Koguashvili’s well-received 2010 debut, , the director’s latest builds on the promise of that first film with a more hopeful portrait of Georgian society, despite its economic woes and refugee problem.

After premiering in Toronto, where the original title was listed as has chalked up air miles with visits to festivals in Abu Dhabi and Palm Springs before landing most recently in Berlin’s Forum sidebar.

Fortysomething Sandro (Andro Sakvarelidze), a high-school teacher, still lives at home with his parents (Kakhi Kavadze and Marina Kartsivadze), who nag him constantly about his unmarried state, forming a hilarious double act that would have been right at home in Yiddish theater.

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