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Blind dating pictures bbs - christian dating austin texas

I turned around tire but na only one small girl wey I sight, I kept looking around. She grew bored and told me that she had work to do at home.

My only companion was my phone,my aunt andher husband usually go to work as early as 7am,andtheir daughter is in a boarding, I wasdamn bored.

I was chatting with a friend ofmine,he's a unilag student,they were on vacationduring that period,then I told him about mypredicament...told me a friend(female) of hiswas residing at isolo,then I told him to share herwith me,he told me he won't...normally, I would haveforgotten about it,but after begging him for like30minutes,he forced me to share like 10 girls withhim(what chioce do I have).

After sharing her withme,we chatted for a day or 2, I told her to send meher pix,she said she wasn't the pix type,but I wasable to collect her number...

I started calling herfrequently and we became very close within fourdays,we finally set a day to meet...

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(1) (2) (3) (4) Almost every one have had a blind date and oboy most have not been good, nevertheless there have also been good stories also.Lots of people became life partners through blind dates while others have never tried blind dates again in their lives because of their experiences. I have experienced three blind dates, well t'was good and bad. A friend of mine shared me with his supposed classmate, claiming she was the most beautiful girl in his class, well I had stopped doing Secondary school girls but the fact that he told me the babe was a free giver(shey una understand) I quickly agreed and collected her 2go username.Her pictures made sense on her profile photo so I no waste time to yarn her the koko, after doing small yanga, she gave me her number.Her voice was the best I heard in ages, mehn that babe voice was sweet, she been dey flex queens english for me.I quickly arranged that we met in a primary school in her area. She was not only small but far from what I saw on the pic, I later learnt that it was her elder sis photo she placed there.That day I do better baff-up come place cd for pocket, I don book room join, well I waited about an hour before she pleaded with me to change venue near her house. After about five mins she called and said she was behind me. The babe black and ugly with big pimple for her face, I no fit do anything so I turned to jehova witness and began preaching for her.

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