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In 1964, having merged with Blundell Rules Ltd to form Blundell Harling, they moved to the Blundell premises in Weymouth.A Harling "Woolwich" case of electrum instruments (missing large compass, dividers & pencil bow).Under the large protractor there is a pair of vulcanite set squares and in the bottom compartment there are a set of marquois scales and a number of scale rules, all signed Harling.A top quality set of small size drawing instruments in a Russian leather pocket case (rather distressed).The needle points are all of the screw off type more usually associated with instruments by A G Thornton and J Halden.The set comprises a 4 1/2” compass with pen, pencil and needle inserts and two extension bars, hair dividers, pen and pencil bows, three spring bows, two ruling pens and a pricker, a knife key and two other compass keys, and two ivory containers with screw off tops, one for needles and the other for leads.

Under the flap in the lid is a 5” ivory protractor signed J Casartelli, Manchester. Fitting Compass in mahogany case with simple machined pockets for the instruments.

The label has the addresses: Office: 40 Hatton Garden, London EC and Factory: Grosvenor Works, Hackney E on it dating the set to pre-These sets were indeed a very serviceable alternative to the cheap foreign sets then flooding the student and school market.

The long joint head of the compass is well made with two steels but the other hinged joints are much cruder being just brass.

Early twentieth century set by W H Harling, Finsbury Pavement, London.

Unusually this set has a set of Swiss pattern beam compass fittings instead of a compass half set.

The instruments are electrum and of the highest quality.

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