Body courting dating language

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Body courting dating language - 100 percent v dating sites

The first secret about body language is that much of our body language is about getting sex -- or defending against it.In spite of all the social pressure to hide and suppress our natural urges, our real desires are still often revealed in our unconscious body language.

Generally, single men are looking for immediate sex.

Single women are more often looking for a relationship first (for protection and survival with the help of a man) and then whatever may happen afterwards.

When casually standing like this, he will usually directly face the woman who appeals to him.

Notice that the fingers all point to "you-know-what-is-important" to this guy!

Of course, guys claim that this is just a comfortable way to stand. Here at the right is one way women call attention to their sexuality with their body language.

It is quite obvious that this woman is unconsciously advertising to the world that she is a healthy woman.

This is very deep; old brain limbic system-driven body language programmed by the DNA from our ancient ancestors.

This ancient part of the brain functions in very basic ways, driving us to find a mate.

This drive is handled differently in men and women.

This has forced most males, both animals and humans, to initiate a process called "courtship".

Animal and human courtship is done in many different ways. Some birds dance or build special nests to attract a female. .) We have developed an additional website with researcher's results of fascinating relationship studies.

Human males have been very innovative in countless ways to attract a mate through courting. Use the results of these recent studies to understand your relationship patterns.

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