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Brides4dating com

One of the reasons why Western men are so fascinated by Asian women is because they’ve been told that the attraction is mutual — that beautiful Asian women desire foreign boyfriends and husbands. Are Asian women naturally interested in Western men, and does this make getting an Asian girlfriend rather easy?The short answer is that yes, many Asian women would prefer to be dating a Westerner — and I’ll give you some reasons why.

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I’m not saying this makes us “superior” to Asian men in any way, but it’s a fact that Western men are, on average, significantly taller, larger and stronger than Asian men.

We also have hairy bodies, while Asian men have very little body hair.

Western women see these qualities as signs of masculinity and virility.

Many Asian women feel the same way once they’ve dated a Western guy; they love the feeling of being held and protected by a strong man (and they love playing with our chest hair, too).

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