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Whenever he’s in Europe, David Cameron stops talking like a politician. “Stefan Lofven there, the prime minister of Sweden…” Poor Mr Lovfen.

It was “going to be hard”, he glowered – but then, he’d be “negotiating hard”. I just hope the poor wretch makes it out of there alive.

It’s a fascinating pattern: every time he attends an important EU summit, Mr Cameron comes over all macho.

Take the EU summit of June 2013, where he growled that “in this town, you have to be ready for an ambush at any time.

And that means lock and load, and have one up the spout.” Then there was the EU summit of June 2014, where he grimly declared that “this is going to be a tough fight.

But sometimes you have to be ready to lose a battle – in order to win a war.” At the latest summit – which may be the last before the EU referendum – Mr Cameron is attempting to finalise agreement with other European leaders on his renegotiation demands. For journalists waiting outside in the cold, events were somewhat less exciting.

What exactly is going on in there, we can’t say for sure, but I’m picturing the Prime Minister stripped to his vest, tie knotted around his forehead, his Beretta semi-automatic pointed at a whimpering Martin Schulz. All they had to report on was the periodic arrival of leaders, who largely ignored their questions.

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