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We spoke to two female porn stars: Tanya Tate and Samantha Bentley, and porn director, CEO & Founder of Joybear Pictures, Justin Ribeiro dos Santos for a little bit of insight into the realities of an industry that is often misunderstood.

For me, I still enjoy normal, regular sex when I am off camera.

It's more intimate, and there's something about not having a room full of crew watching you that makes it more special.""For a long time (over a year) I didn't have sex off cameras, so for me to do it I really need to feel something for someone that entices and excites me. If I just want an orgasm I can make that happen at work.

It has only been very recently that I have been open to having sex off camera again."But I find that now I'm more insecure in the bedroom off camera because I am incredibly self-aware.

I spend every day learning which angles are good, what side my head needs to be on for lighting and so on and so forth, that I have forgotten how to have real sex!

Yup, Pornstars get insecure too.""I know what I like and what turns me on, so I can direct my partner to pleasure me.

Sometimes it's hard not to screw your face up when you're coming and you have to remember the camera is there capturing it all.

Some directors will ask you to cum on demand, that can sometimes be tricky, but you just have to put yourself in the moment and let go.""Good question. I think one of the most amazing things porn stars do is specifically to have an orgasm.

Whether real or fake (but especially if real) I think a performer is at his/her most vulnerable when climaxing and I don't think it's right to interfere with that.

Fortunately (in my opinion) we have never had such a terribly off-putting 'come face' that we've had to ask the model if we can re-shoot it.

This is one of the reasons I would never go in front of the camera as I have a sneaky feeling I would be the one to buck that trend (ooh ooh).""My face is never pretty, I constantly look like I'm crying.

I like my movies to be real so all my orgasms are real and any reactions I have are real. I grew it out and went for the retro bush about a year ago.

I cannot stand girls that moan the entire way through their scenes, even when they aren't being touched. At first it was strange going from completely Hollywood, but I actually love it.