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Carly Spindel creates a revolutionary concept for upscale singles in NYC looking to meet a successful marriage minded partner.

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Carly Spindel is the Vice President of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc.She has seen the matchmaking business firsthand since she was 6 years old.As the daughter of Janis Spindel, Carly has been called mini Janis since she could walk and has learned the inside tricks of the trade from Janis!Carly has been matching her own clients for the past 6 years, and runs Janis’ Express Matchmaking and Junior Matchmaking divisions. You can learn more about Carly and Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. No, matchmakers haven't been made obsolete by the online scrum that is modern dating—and no, they're not just for investment bankers and trust funders.

You've got your feminist, hipster matchmakers; your pearls-and-LBD types; and those who specialize in LGBT clients.There's even a "subway" matchmaker who sets up blind dates with cute commuters she meets on the train.In fact, profits in the approximately billion U. dating-services industry have almost doubled since 2013, according to data from the Matchmaking Institute, an organization that holds conferences for the field.Most matchmakers charge from ,000 to ,000 for a 6- or 12-month contract generating one or two dates per month, although some clients shell out up to 0,000 for white-glove service, including recruiting sessions that might be likened to global casting calls.Matchmakers not only find suitable matches (who do not pay a fee) but also set up first—and sometimes second—dates and gather post-date feedback.Plus, they can manage your online accounts for you— or free you from the tyranny of Tinder, Ok Cupid, et.

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