Cellvalidating change value

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Following code checks the formatted value of current cell: 4||e. Edit On Enter; return; } } void dgv_Cell Validated(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e) { string cell Value = dgv.

I would like to click on the cell, and the cell change to combobox for me to choose. Now, when you start editing a cell a Combo Box control is created, or an existing one reused, and it is embedded in the cell. Hi, If you are asking this for the web application's gridview control then you can have teh textbox in theitem template and the Drop Downlist in the edit tempalte of the column in the gridview, then try like this Hi, Just like all Data Grid View Cells, the Data Grid View Combo Box does not contain a control by default. The cell contains a Value which is rendered in the cell, and that's what the user sees. Just like any normal Combo Box, if there is no matching value an exception will be thrown. The default behaviour for the Data Grid View Combo Box Column is to display Combo Box controls with their Drop Down Style property set to Drop Down List. event occurs when the user-specified value is committed, which typically occurs when focus leaves the cell.In the case of check box cells, however, you will typically want to handle the change immediately.

To commit the change when the cell is clicked, you must handle the Data Grid View Commit Edit method and pass in the Commit value.Rows in the control are not automatically sorted when a cell value is changed.This event occurs whenever cells are selected or the selection is canceled, whether programmatically or by user action. For example, this event is useful when you want display the sum of the currently selected cells. When you change the value of the ; Flow Layout Panel1. I have a datagridview which has a datatable as data source. For example, if cell input value contains character 'g', it must change "abc" automatically when I leave cell.

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