Charlotte crosby dating

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Because whether you think he's good for her or not (he probably isn't), you have to admit that their chemistry deserved another go. The universe and his dog, however, does not include Love Island winner Max Morley.

He's taken to the media to express his anger, saying to Heat World: “We were exclusive. And she also tells Max: “I’m glad I’ve done it because it’s just shown what an absolute p***k you are.” She then added, by way of context: “I felt really guilty before because I did really like him but now he’s doing stories on us and saying untrue things.

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle have sent fans into a frenzy all over again after revealing they could eventually take their on-off (currently on) casual relationship to the next level.

The day after they were caught kissing in Holly Hagan's Snapchat video, the pair have released a video revealing exactly what's going on between them.

While holed up in their London hotel, Charlotte - who was romancing Love Island's Max Morley until the video surfaced - quizzed Gaz about their late night snog at a London nightclub.

Things appear to be going swimmingly between Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby and her new fella Max Morley.

Love Island winner Max has been talking to Reveal magazine about Char - and he's confessed that the two are now properly an item.

"Charlotte's on holiday at the moment and already I can't wait for her to come back," he began. I wouldn't say a relationship is out of the question." We're not exactly sure how "dating exclusively" is NOT being in a relationship, but we're sure Charlotte will be getting him to explain that one when she gets back from her holiday with Geordie co-star Holly in Cape Verde. He also said: "My parents really like Charlotte and think she could be girlfriend material." WOW."I'm enjoying spending time with her." "I'd say that Charlotte and I are definitely dating exclusively now." And here's some BIG news. "She hasn't done any farting or weeing herself around me.There are boundaries." And Char's been having her say on the relationship (if we're allowed to call it that Max? Playing it cool, she wrote: "I'm not on some desperate manhunt - I'm happy just getting to know Max." And Charlotte revealed that the pair had stayed in touch throughout her holiday.She said: "We've been texting back and forth while I've been away.I've been making him really jealous by sending him snaps of the gorgeous beaches and lovely weather." We hope this one's a keeper!See, the whole universe and his dog are pleased that Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby are back together. And they still can't help coming back to each other.