Chat room for audio sex

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THE usual story of child-sex-tourism goes something like this.A predator from a rich country arranges a meeting with a fixer and travels to a poor country.

If so, the predator might shower the child’s family with gifts and money in exchange for being alone with his victim.Eventually, the offender flies home and returns to his normal life as if nothing had happened.The rapid spread of fast and cheap internet connections in the poor world, and particularly in South-East Asia, is adding a new twist to the old nasty story.It is called “virtual trafficking”, where predators now meet children in video-chat rooms.The UN and America’s FBI claim that some 750,000 potential predators are online at any given moment.The FBI estimates there are at least 40,000 such chat-rooms.

These allow paedophiles to skip the travel while bringing victims into their bedrooms halfway across the world.

The paedophiles do not physically molest their victims, of course.

But they may pay others, including children’s families, to do so.

A series of joint police operations early this year exposed “cottage industries” and web-streaming sex dens which hold children for sexual purposes (alleged traffickers are pictured, above).

Many were run by poor families looking to make money out of their children.

Terre des Hommes (TDH), a Netherlands-based organisation working against child exploitation, released a report in November showing how easy it is to gather information about paedophiles by using a false profile of a ten-year-old girl from the Philippines.