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Chatroulete sex chat - 40s dating sites

The problem with Chatroulette and other video based communication is the fact that people can see you.

I generally write in track suit pants and t-shirt while eating pizza, which would be unfair to the other parties to have to view.Having heard a lot about Chatroulette, I decided to have a look.For every ten video connections, eight of them were fat people playing with their penis.Apart from a couple of interesting people I met, it was possibly the most pointless website I have ever been on. Click on to, activate your webcam, and it is pure chance as to whether you will see a demure girl wanting to chat, a couple having sex, an overweight middle-aged man asking what the weather is like in London, a young man masturbating to the camera, or a party where you're invited to dance along with the music.Chatroulette is the new live chat website, launched last November, and the ultimate in social networking.

It is free, unregulated, and, most important, the video chats are with random strangers.

All the viewer has to do is to click 'next' and another person will come onto the screen and another adventure unfold. But last month, Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old student from Moscow, came out as its creator.

Bored with the predictability of internet chat lines, Ternovskiy invented a social site along the lines of Russian roulette that ensures constant novelty ­ and opens up the possibility of an unlimited fantasy life with which no other website can compete.

Worldwide user numbers have soared from more than 35,000 concurrent users last month to a recent count of over 1.5 million and growing.

It is particularly popular amongst the student population in the US but it is spreading rapidly in European and Asian countries as well.

Ternovskiy wanted to create a site that could fulfill the different needs and desires of a variety of users.

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