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Second is less obvious but also very natural: the older the ladies – the more descriptive and detailed their profiles are.So, let’s see what characterizes the profiles of each age group.

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Thus, I will tag this age group as a category of happy girls :-) Another interesting thing is related to English language.One girl said “I am mahor in English in a university”. But even if some Chinese girls don’t know English – communication is still possible as you can learn from the following profile: “ These profiles are quite interesting and descriptive.Among the more often used adjectives are “nice”, “sincere”, “open-minded” and “traditional”.The latter two often go together in the same sentence: seems that for Chinese girls who know that their profiles will be read by Western men, this is the way to say that they are good girls.esterday I decided to get closer to the readers of my blog. And possibly it will give me some material not only for this but also for few upcoming articles.I did so by engaging into the activity which at least some of you have been doing (and maybe are still doing) for a while – browsing the profiles of Chinese girls on dating sites. In this post I want to share my observations related to the way in which Chinese girls describe themselves in the appropriate section of their profiles.

First of all I registered my profile on one of the dating sites.

Then I had to imitate the way in which male members search through women’s profiles.

Since it’s impossible to embrace all preferences that men have, I decided to perform 6 separate searches – each for a different age group of Chinese females: 18-22 (generation of nineties), 23-28 (generation of eighties), 29-34 (infamous “sheng nu”), 35-40, 41-50 and 50+.

For all of them I read only the profiles written in English of females who have a photograph, live in China and are unpaid members.

There are two tendencies to which I paid attention when proceeding from the profiles of younger girls to the older ones.

First is quite understandable: there is a bigger proportion of paid memberships in the older group.

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