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Can so many western men’s preference for Chinese women be summed up as nothing more than a “yellow fever” affliction?

An article published recently in The uk, and subsequently on China Daily, paints an inaccurate and unfair picture of countless western males’ preference for dating women from China.

Consequently, their viewpoint also further reflects a measurable degree of discrimination against China’s daughters.

The condition known as “yellow fever” did use to mean, in some circles, that a western man had a vile sort of attraction to Chinese women; but times have changed and so has the meaning of the term.

The growing trend of western males dating Chinese women today has more to do with the former’s changing attitudes toward dating and relationships; and this change in attitudes has been brought about, in turn, by the attitudes of western women toward men, dating, and relationships which have become increasingly unacceptable to western men.

It would not be a stretch to say that today’s western females – with their radical ideas about feminism and their tendency toward man-hating and male-bashing – have pushed their men to seek out more ideal options outside the box, so to speak.

And the majority of these western men have all come to the same conclusion that Chinese women are the ideal choice for a mate.

Yes, it has come down to western women versus Chinese women, and the women of China have been winning for many, good reasons.

Their interest in dating men far west of their shores may seem like an opportune coincidence and has often been treated with suspicion, particularly by their western counterparts.

Call it serendipity, but a devious scheme by opportunistic females it is not.

Right smack in the middle of this battle between the women from the Far East and women from the west are the western chaps.

Ordinarily, such a scenario would be a fantasy come true for these males. Simply because no man in his right mind would prefer some other woman over a modern, confident, “enlightened”, fair, western female!