Chris egan dating anyone

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Chris egan dating anyone

Nicholas "Nick" Smith is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

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We have a lot of fun." Egan also praised co-stars Brett Hicks-Maitland and Zac Drayson, who plays Nick's on-screen brother, Will.

Egan stated he would like to appear in films after leaving the serial and mentioned that filming overseas in London and shooting scenes for Home and Away video spinoff Home and Away: Secrets and the City were among his favorite experiences.

Nick is the younger brother of Will (Zac Drayson) and Hayley Smith (Bec Cartwright).

Like Hayley, he was taken into care and showed little interest in Will's plan for them all to settle in Summer Bay, choosing to stay with foster parents even after Hayley had gone to join Will.

Nick is first seen when he is fleeing from Johnno, a drug dealer and the leader of a biker gang, whom he owes a large sum of money to.

Nick runs to get help from his siblings and is beaten up by Johnno, who considers the debt paid.

Nick's foster parents are initially reluctant to take him back following the revelation but after Will and Hayley coax them, Nick returns home.Nick's father Ken (Anthony Phelan) returns after fighting an alcohol problem, he petitions for Nick to return home to reuinte the family.Nick is not very keen on the idea he meets Irene Roberts (Lynne Mc Granger), Will and Hayley's foster mother and Ken's new partner.He feels that Ken is trying to replace his mother Eve (Robyn Gibbes) and Nick is upset further when he learns Ken are Irene are to be engaged after Ken proposes.Nick soon befriends Duncan Stewart (Brendan Mc Kensy) and they begin causing havoc together.When Nick is accused of throwing stones at Duncan's aunt, Celia (Fiona Spence), they get into a fight but later reconcile their friendship and focus their attentions on the newly arrived Sutherland twins Jade (Kate Garven) and Kirsty (Christie Hayes), who are in their year at school. After Nick saves Irene from being attacked by Eve, who has since left a mental hospital, he gives her and Ken his blessing.

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