Comcast cable box guide not updating

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Comcast cable box guide not updating - dating for professional people

It's great that when you search for a show that it gives you the on demand options too.

Such a wonderful app that it's hard to complain about anything. I knew there was the app out for the remote and seen commercials for it but I thought I had to purchase to be able to use the remote. The features are pretty cool to naming your cable box. How does one of the largest corporation in the media not have the ability to build a simply freaking app?!

After downloading and playing around with the app I was amazed to find out that it was an actual TV remote I can change the Chanel and explore Chanel's I was also able to record my favorite shows all the touch if my cell phone. They know they don't have to try because for so long there was no competition but fios has finally moved into my city and I'm switching regardless of their service.

Even if it's worse t least they haven't been screwing me with late, rude, know-nothing technicians, phone operators who don't even know how their own company operates, and faulty gear that can't even properly provide me the speeds and service I paid for for the last 10 freaking years! You shouldn't even be ashamed com cast because weasels like you don't know the definition. And then corporations like this wonder why people have no problem pirat ing every form of media out there.

It's not stealing when they took it from you first.

Download XFINITY TV Remote to control your compatible set top box.

Search TV Listings, browse thousands of movies and TV shows in XFINITY On Demand, and schedule your DVR recordings directly from your i Phone®, i Pad® and i Pod Touch® Find content to watch on TV quickly and easily: - View Customized TV Listings by area- Browse the XFINITY On Demand library featuring thousands of titles - Search for any TV show or movie - Quickly find what you’re looking for using the Channel Keypad, Date & Time Picker, and Favorite Channels- Filter content by genre, network, HD, free and more Control your TV and DVR: - Change channels on your TV - Tune directly to XFINITY On Demand programs- Schedule your DVR remotely- View and modify scheduled recordings and recording priority REQUIREMENTS: - i Pad, i Phone, i Pod touch running i OS 7.1 or above - XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service. - Compatible cable/set-top box (for TV and DVR control). Initial Setup Notes: Please be at home with your TV and cable boxes turned on.

Please see for more details.** - Comcast ID or email address and password. Messages will appear on your TV screen to help you name your boxes for easier identification and control. Contact our support team via email: [email protected]

Need Help Signing-In, creating a Comcast ID or retrieving your password? We cannot respond directly through i Tunes but would love to hear from you. We also restored the ability to tune to TV Listings and On Demand content when not on the Comcast Recommended Lineup; please note that tuning results may be wacky if the lineup you've picked doesn't match what's on your TV! Was looking for a tvguide when out to look up a show and found this.

Soooo easy to use and it usually takes me a minute.

Love that you can change the channel from another room when doing something else.

It's great that it gives you a full description with a pic of the show.

I am obsessed with certain shows and it's great when you are out that you can check to see if a show is new or repeat so you know without worries to hurry up or not.

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